Monday, August 13, 2012

Happy Birthday Camilla!

Wow!!! 7 years certainly does fly by when you're having fun. In all honesty I wouldn't call all of those 7 years fun (have you read the rest of the blog) but I can say that I wouldn't change a thing. There have been so many great times and great memories with my sweet 'baby angel' and God has used her in a mighty way to shape me into the person I am today. In fact, He has used her smile and her story to shape many people in many different ways. **Please pardon me for the retrospective and sentimental tone to this post - her birthday's are always a difficult time for me and for some reason I can never pinpoint exactly why. I just always find myself a little 'emotional' this time of year.**This year will mark the first official 'party' for Camilla's birthday. While we have always celebrated with family and close friends, this is the first time that we are inviting a number of her friends from school, church and the community. We have planned a 'bubble-day birthday' party since Camilla LOVES bubbles and it's one of the few words that she can say. I have had so much fun trying to put together all things bubble! What I haven't had fun doing is coming up with the guest list. There are so many adults and children who have spent time with Camilla or just feel a special bond with her due to following her story or seeing her at school or church and I have had several say that they would love to help her celebrate her special day but many times their interaction with her has come at times when I'm not around so I don't know to include everyone (keep in mind folks she can't come home and tell me about her new friends :). I would hate to leave anyone out that would love to come play and celebrate Camilla's day. We have handed out many invites and I have had several more contact me to say that their child would love to be included as well so please if you or your child would love to join us please contact me for details - I REALLY DON'T MIND and we will have plenty of cake! Also, several have asked about just bringing a gift for the donation we are putting together for Children's Hospital of Alabama - here's the details - instead of gifts for Camilla please bring bubbles that will be donated to the neurology patients at Children's.

As for miss priss - she's doing GREAT! Lots of smiles, lots of laughter, a few fits, very few potty-training accidents, even fewer words :(, some sign language, a good appetite, a good amount of sleep and no seizures (going on 4 1/2 months). Pictures to follow soon from the party and again HAPPY BIRTHDAY to the sweetest girl in the world who has taught me more about life, love, patience, compassion and joy than anyone else.

"For I know the plans I have for you" declares the Lord, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you. Plans to give you hope and a future." Jeremiah 29:11

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Kerry Gibbs said...

Happy Birthday to Camilla. I know this will be a wonderful birthday for her as well as the whole family. So happy for her progress. Much love and prayers coming your way.