Monday, April 27, 2009

Zoo Fun & Other Stuff!

Last Friday Camilla's class at Westside went on a field trip to the Montgomery zoo. Of course Mommy went along for the fun and it truly was a good day! Camilla enjoyed the zoo but was not really fascinated by any of the animals (except maybe the otters and flamingos) but she did love riding the train! We had a good time visiting with her class and their families and her teachers! She and Jordan especially had a good time! After the zoo trip we came home and were playing in the yard and that's when I discovered that Camilla is slimming up - I swear those shorts used to be snug!

One of the pics is of Camilla and Pat trying on each others shoes at the Sax in the City event. She is such a girly girl!

The other pics are of some friends and I in Gee's Bend. We took a short field trip of our own Saturday afternoon and got to see the billboards for some of the famous quilts and we even got to have our pics taken with the lady who made my fav quilt (it was one of the ones used as a stamp). She is 92 years old and just happened to be sitting on her front porch when we pulled up. She made this quilt featured on the billboard in 1936. This was definitely a unique experience.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009


Monday night Brandon, Jennifer, Brandi, Kirk and I went to see Dave Matthews Band in B'ham. We had so much fun! Old Crowe Medicine Show opened for him - they were good too!