Monday, November 3, 2008

Camilla's First Bama Game!

We took Camilla to Homecoming this past weekend! We had a fun day but it turned out to be HOT! We ended up leaving the game early (a first for us) but not before Camilla got to give Big Al five and lead the band in Yea Alabama a couple of times! She also saw the cheerleaders and said ro ti!!!

Welcome to Munchkinland!

Camilla was Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz for Halloween this year! She loved trick-or-treating, Toto and those red shoes! We all had a blast!


OK - I know I usually just post things about Camilla here but I promised several of you that I would put these up! As for the rest of you - you are NOT allowed to laugh at us! We know we are dorks but we are dorks that had a GREAT time! Las Wednesday me, Jennifer Lauderdale, Dana Eddins, Amy Abrams and Christina Julian attended the New Kids on the Block reunion concert in Atlanta! We had more fun than anyone really should be allowed to have - my face still hurts from laughing, smiling, singing, screaming, etc... Below are some pics and video of the fun we had! Yes, we wore matching shirts! Yes, I am a Jordan Knight fan! Yes, we did paint our windows! Yes, we reverted to being 12 years old all over again! and on and on and on...

More video from the happy dorks!

Fall Fun!

The Fall Festival at Westside was so much fun! Camilla went dressed as a ballarina and later bumped into her 'man' on the hayride - he was dressed as a golfer! Oh yeah, their moms were there too-